Bahamut’s hackers-for-hire. SlothfulMedia looks made-in-China. Domains run by IRGC seized. Phishbait uses current events as chum. Who dunnit? Not us, or rather, prove it, says Moscow.

Add the Bahamut cyber mercenaries to the shadow armies for hire in cyberspace. Reports associate the SlothfulMedia RAT with Chinese intelligence services, and claim that it’s being used against India and China. The US takes down domains the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps uses to push disinformation. Trends in phishbait. Caleb Barlow rethinks a TED talk he gave a while back, given what we’ve learned from COVID-19. Our guest is Dr. Greg Rattray from Next Peak on ‘Advanced Persistent Threats’ a term, by the way, that he coined. And Moscow says, hey, we don’t meddle in anyone’s elections.

For links to all of today’s stories check out our CyberWire daily news brief:

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