How to Stop & Prevent DDoS Attacks

By Ashley Sand / January 14, 2022

With DDoS attacks being an ever growing threat to servers across the globe, it’s become a fundamental part of website security. This impacts businesses both in terms of site presence, availability and profits. Over the last 8 or so years the web has had to evolve to respond to the increase in these attacks. For […]

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84,000 WordPress Sites Affected by Three Plugins With The Same Vulnerability

By Chloe Chamberland / January 13, 2022

On November 5, 2021 the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for a vulnerability we discovered in “Login/Signup Popup”, a WordPress plugin that is installed on over 20,000 sites. A few days later we discovered the same vulnerability present in two additional plugins developed by the same author: “Side Cart Woocommerce (Ajax)”, […]

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10 Best Sucuri Alternatives to Protect Your Site

By Preeti / January 13, 2022

If you are considering investing in a security plugin, you have undoubtedly heard of Sucuri. Sucuri is a wildly popular plugin that offers a whole host of features to secure your site. And while it can be a good pick for some, security does not come in a free size.  So if you are looking […]

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The People Behind Us – Website Security Champions 2021

By Ashley Sand / January 12, 2022

Kayleigh Martin is a tier 2 Website Security Analyst. Her daily responsibilities include investigating sites for malware, removing the malware, and advising clients on how to prevent future attacks. The most exciting part of her day is finding new malware that’s not been seen before. She finds that if she focuses on doing her job […]

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Finding & Fixing Google Blocklist Warnings

By Ashley Sand / January 10, 2022

When a website is added to a blocklist by blocklist authorities it can be painfully stressful for their business. SEO rankings take a dive, and loss in revenue/traffic is hit even harder if not resolved quickly. In this article we’ll be discussing what blocklists are exactly, why you should consider them when starting a website, […]

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WordPress 5.8.3 Security Release

By Ram Gall / January 9, 2022

On January 6, 2022, the WordPress core team released WordPress version 5.8.3, which contains security patches for 4 high-severity vulnerabilities. These patches were backported to every version of WordPress since 3.7. WordPress has supported automatic core updates for security releases since WordPress 3.7, and the vast majority of WordPress sites will have received these patches […]

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WordPress 5.8.3 Security Release

By Ben Martin / January 8, 2022

On January 6th, Automattic released an important security update for the WordPress core which addresses four separate vulnerabilities. WordPress website administrators are advised to update their websites immediately. All WordPress versions between 3.7 and 5.8 are affected by this, and the security issues include SQL injection, stored XSS and object injection, which we will review […]

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How to Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources on WordPress (CSS + Javascript)

By Kevin Muldoon / January 7, 2022

If you’re a WordPress user, I strongly recommend making website performance a priority. By delivering fast-loading pages to visitors, you will improve your search engine rankings, increase website traffic and give readers a great user experience. A key part of optimising a website is analysing web pages using performance benchmarking tools such as Google PageSpeed […]

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16 WordPress Security Issues (Vulnerabilities) & Tips To Fix Them

By Karishma Sundaram / January 7, 2022

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to have a website quickly, but there is a lot of noise online that talks about how many security issues it has.  Does WordPress have security issues? Yes Are they insurmountable? NoShould it stop you from building your website with WordPress? Most certainly not  A conservative estimate puts the number […]

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