The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide

By Karishma Sundaram / January 6, 2022

Malware costs businesses billions of dollars every year in lost revenue, legal costs, damage to branding, and data theft. To make matters worse, hackers constantly evolve their tactics, so malware keeps changing and getting harder to spot.   There are data breaches almost every day, and the scary part is how much people are losing to […]

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Complete Guide to WordPress Salts and Security Keys

By Karishma Sundaram / January 6, 2022

In articles about WordPress security, you may have come across WordPress salts or security keys, and wondered what those were. In a nutshell, they are random strings used by WordPress to encrypt your password.  Passwords are one of the most important aspects of website security, so it is worth understanding how WordPress salt keys work […]

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A Walk Through a Year of Website Security: Part II

By Ashley Sand / January 5, 2022

Part I of our 2021 Security Walkthrough shows the initial 5 posts of our top 10. 6 – Vulnerable Plugin Exploited in Spam Redirect Campaign It was brought to our malware research team’s attention that a vulnerability was discovered in old, unpatched versions of the wp-user-avatar plugin. The type of vulnerability found is known as […]

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A Walk Through a Year of Website Security: Part I

By Ashley Sand / January 3, 2022

Over the last year, Sucuri has provided a wide array of posts in regards to how sites are infected, the types of attacks we’ve discovered, how to detect them, and how to prevent future infections with certain methods and tools. In this article we’ll discuss our top 10 posts involving website security, and what site […]

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Sucuri vs Wordfence: Which Security Plugin is Best For Your WordPress Website

By Karishma Sundaram / December 30, 2021

Wordfence and Sucuri are both the heavyweight champions of WordPress security plugins. In any conversation, they inevitably come up, and people are divided about which one is the best security plugin.  Sucuri has a popular online scanner, which is extensively used by website admin to detect malware. Their plugin has a server-side scanner as well, […]

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iThemes Security vs Wordfence: Which Security Plugin Should You Choose?

By Karishma Sundaram / December 30, 2021

iThemes Security is a great deal at just $199 for unlimited websites, and because of its unbeatable price, it has been a serious contender in the WordPress security plugin race.  In the other corner we have Wordfence, the undisputed heavyweight in this category. Wordfence is known for the feature-heavy free plugin, and their security research […]

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How do I Know if a Website is Safe to Use my Credit Card?

By Ben Martin / December 29, 2021

With regular news stories about companies being hacked, database breaches, internet-breaking vulnerabilities and online credit card theft, web users are justifiably anxious about making online purchases for fear that their personal information will be compromised by attackers. But where does legitimate concern end and outright paranoia begin? In this post I will try to dispel […]

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Jetpack vs Wordfence: Which is Better? 

By Karishma Sundaram / December 28, 2021

Jetpack is a multipurpose administrative plugin, and packages backups, security, growth and speed in one handy-dandy plugin. Plus, it has the cachet of being from the Automattic stable, so it obviously carries weight in the WordPress domain. Our other contender is Wordfence, arguably the most popular WordPress security plugin today. They are known for their […]

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Most Interesting Vulnerabilities of 2021

By Ashley Sand / December 27, 2021

As with most years, there’s been a wide array of critical vulnerabilities found within content management systems, plugins, API keys, etc. We’ll be recapping our discoveries and how these vulnerabilities were exploited, or potentially could have been.  Adobe Patches Critical Magento Vulnerabilities This past year, Adobe released several critical security patches for both their commercial […]

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