How to Add SSL & Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS

By Ashley Sand / December 23, 2021

Making sure your website uses HTTPS should be a top priority for any webmaster  In fact, recent statistics show that over 42% of site administrators across the web use WordPress, and many of these sites still don’t have an SSL certificate installed. The Importance of SSL For the past several years, SSL has become increasingly […]

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Find & Fix the Japanese Keyword Hack[Complete Guide]

By Karishma Sundaram / December 22, 2021

Japanese keywords showing up randomly on your website search results can be perplexing. If you don’t already know why, it is the result of malware on your site. The Japanese keyword hack is confounding on many levels. Website owners experience many symptoms in the beginning, like being unable to login or being redirected when accessing […]

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Critical Vulnerabilities in All in One SEO Plugin Affects Millions of WordPress Websites

By Ben Martin / December 21, 2021

Security Risk: High Exploitation Level: Easy CVSS Score: 9.9 / 7.7 Vulnerability: Privilege Escalation, SQL Injection Patched Version: Last week, security researcher at Automattic Marc Montpas recently discovered two severe security vulnerabilities within one of the most popular SEO plugins used by WordPress website owners: All in One SEO. The plugin is used by […]

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How to Find and Fix a WordPress Pharma Hack

By Allison Bondi / December 16, 2021

Did you know that one quarter of all spam emails are accredited to pharmaceutical ads? Pharma hacks go beyond the inbox and spam websites by redirecting traffic and adding fake keywords and subdomains to the search results. Why, and how did the medical world get tangled up in spam emails, SEO spam, redirects, and website […]

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Log4j Vulnerability: The Perfect Holiday Present that Nobody Wants

By Ben Martin / December 14, 2021

A critical server security vulnerability in the Java logging library Log4j is taking the internet by storm because code to actively exploit this vulnerability is already widely distributed across the web. Originally found on the popular game Minecraft, it has since been shown to affect most web servers running Apache along with its ubiquitous logging […]

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How Does WordPress Caching Work?

By Kevin Muldoon / December 14, 2021

The goal of every WordPress performance plugin is to reduce the time it takes to deliver a page to visitors. One of the main ways to achieve this is by storing a copy of each page. This is known as “Page Caching“. On a typical unoptimized WordPress website, average page loading times can be around […]

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The Best WordPress Caching Plugins For Improving Website Speed

By Kevin Muldoon / December 14, 2021

A fast-loading website will improve the user experience for visitors, reduce bounce rates, increase conversions and improve search engine rankings and traffic. Unfortunately, many WordPress websites are slow. This should not be a surprise as the core version of WordPress does not offer any optimization features and when you start adding content such as text, […]

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How Malware Gets On Your Website

By Ashley Sand / December 13, 2021

Almost since the Internet’s inception malware infections have kept pace to be the biggest nuisance a site owner experiences. With an ever growing amount of sites making up the World Wide Web, malware infections only become more common. In this article we’ll discuss what malware is, the various types we’ve come across, the methods used […]

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E-commerce Website Security Strategy for Holiday Shopping Season

By Ashley Sand / December 10, 2021

As shopping season approaches once again, we’d like to give you some helpful advice when it comes to managing an e-commerce site, and how to avoid being the target of an attack. Due to the pandemic, more people are spending their time shopping for gifts online than ever before. Global e-commerce sales are projected to […]

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