11 Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins to Combat Spam

Dealing with spam can be like receiving an endless stream of unsolicited flyers and brochures in your mailbox every single day. No matter how often you discard them, more pop-up in your mailbox. Unfortunately, letting spam build up is simply not an option. The most efficient solution lies in finding a plugin that can automatically and retrospectively handle the task. 

Anti-spam plugins are specialist security plugins for WordPress, which come to the rescue by scanning your forms and comments for recognizable spam behavior and swiftly eliminating it. Additionally, they offer features such as IP blocking, firewall installation, and more. With numerous plugins available, we’ve narrowed down the 11 best WordPress anti spam plugins to simplify your decision-making process.

TL;DR: When it comes to combating spam on WordPress, our recommendation is CleanTalk. For comprehensive website security, complement CleanTalk with MalCare. CleanTalk excels in eliminating spam through automated scanning and removal, while MalCare provides critical security measures like a malware scanner, malware removal and a firewall. 

Spam poses a significant threat to the security and performance of your website. Whether it’s Japanese/Chinese spam, SEO spam, the pharma hack, or the risk of brute force attacks, presence of spam leaves your site vulnerable to potential breaches by malicious actors. Not only does spam compromise your security, but it also takes up valuable server resources, resulting in a sluggish and slow-loading site. Additionally, malware in your comments can be troublesome to your site visitors or cause your site to be blacklisted by Google. To ensure the integrity and optimal functioning of your website, it is of utmost importance to keep it clean and free from spam. 

1. Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk

CleanTalk is a highly efficient WordPress anti spam plugin that offers real-time and retrospective cleaning. With invisible spam protection, it filters out unwanted spam without bothering your customers. The plugin provides reliable performance, detailed statistics, and affordable pricing, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for keeping your WordPress site free from spam.


Real-time protection

Automated filtering

Automated blocking 

Effective bot protection

Statistics and analytics

Whitelisting for trusted users

No-captcha protection


Multiple language support

Affordable prices

Great tech support

Easy to use


No free version

Doesn’t integrate with plugins

There have been some complaints of false positives

Price: $12 a year – $200 a year

Verdict: CleanTalk stands out as the best due to its powerful firewall, effective spam elimination, and impressive customization options.

2. Antispam Bee

The Antispam Bee plugin is an exceptional tool for safeguarding your comment section from unwanted spam. With its advanced features, it thoroughly analyzes language patterns, scrutinizes IP addresses, and even searches local databases specifically designed to identify and block spammers. This plugin goes above and beyond in ensuring that your website remains free from irrelevant and malicious comments.


Whitelists trusted users

Automatically cleans spam

Blocks based on country

Blocks based on language

Validates user IPs

Displays spam statistics



Great whitelisting feature

Customizable interface


Limited functionality

Cannot block spam bots

Price: Free
Verdict: Has limited functionality to just comments. So, it’s a great WordPress anti spam plugin to fight trackback spam, for example.

3. Stop Spammers Security

Stop Spammers is a versatile WordPress spam protection plugin that offers a wide range of configurable options to fortify your site. With features like brute force protection and members-only permissions, it provides robust security measures. The plugin includes a firewall and is designed to work seamlessly out of the box, ensuring hassle-free implementation. Stop Spammers also extends its support to various plugins, including popular ones like Contact Form, assisting in combating spam across comments, registrations, and form submissions.


Installs a firewall

Provides themed login

Addss honeypot fields

Fights brute force attacks

Easily customize settings

Offers restore options

Provides historical data

Integrates with reCAPTCHA

Provides IP blacklisting


Lightweight code

Easy to use

Great customizability


Adds ads

Price: Free version with plans that range from $29 to $125

Verdict: Stop Spammers emerges as a strong contender with its inclusion of reCAPTCHA, making it the ideal choice for those seeking that feature specifically.

4. Easy Cloudflare Turnstile

Turnstile, the cutting-edge plugin developed by Cloudflare, revolutionizes website security. By replacing reCAPTCHA and Honeypot, it utilizes non-interactive JavaScript challenges to safeguard against malicious activity. With automatic deployment and seamless integration, Turnstile not only fortifies forms, comments, and login systems but also boosts SEO rankings, ensuring a safer and more efficient online experience.


Offers protection for forms

Invisible protection

Protects from brute-force attacks

Offers mobile-friendly anti-spam


Easy setup


Integrates with popular form plugins


New plugin with very few reviews

May not work with all themes

Price: Free

Verdict: Easy Cloudflare Turnstile shows potential as a promising alternative to reCAPTCHA, Coupled with the benefits of Cloudflare, it’s a great WordPress anti-spam plugin.

5. Spam Master

Spam Master is an exceptional anti spam plugin for WordPress that offers a powerful combination of real-time firewall and anti-spam protection. Compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, it seamlessly integrates into your WordPress site. By effectively blocking spam, Spam Master helps maintain a fast and conflict-free website environment. It meticulously checks emails and IPs, ensuring that spam is intercepted before it reaches your site, providing reliable protection against unwanted intrusions and preserving the integrity of your online presence.


Offers real-time blocking

Learns spam signatures

Installs a spam firewall

Offers whitelist exceptions

Shows threat alerts

Provides honeypot fields


Easy to use

Doesn’t use server resources

Great reviews


Firewall is limited to bots

Poor support team

Price: Free

Verdict: Spam Master impresses with its robust firewall, versatile whitelisting options, and the addition of honeypot fields for enhanced WordPress spam protection.

6. Zero Spam for WordPress

WordPress Zero Spam is an exceptional WordPress plugin for anti spam that goes above and beyond to ensure website security by employing a variety of cutting-edge techniques to detect and thwart threats. It utilizes multiple advanced algorithms and methods to effectively filter out spam comments, bot attacks, and other malicious activities. One of its standout features is its seamless integration with popular plugins like WooCommerce, providing online shop owners with a powerful tool to safeguard their e-commerce sites against fraudulent transactions and spam orders. The best part is that WordPress Zero Spam is available for free, making it an incredibly affordable choice for website owners looking to enhance their security measures without breaking the bank.


Offers invisible spam protection

Automates spam moderation

Uses spam behaviour detection

Integrated with geolocation 

Offers a disallowed lists

Blocks email domains



Improves user experience

Integrates with popular plugins


Complicated set up

False positives

Limited free version

Price: Free version with API licenses that start ay $9 a month

Verdict: Zero Spam for WordPress utilizes advanced behavior detection techniques to identify and efficiently eliminate spam, ensuring a hassle-free experience for website owners.

7. OOPSpam

OOPS Spam offers a comprehensive defense against both automated bots and manual spam on websites. Its robust API integration effectively identifies and blocks malicious activities, ensuring a higher accuracy in spam detection. OOPS Spam has garnered a reputation for being well loved among users due to its exceptional performance and reliability. One of its key strengths lies in its customizable spam filtering capabilities, allowing website owners to tailor the protection to their specific needs and preferences. OOPS Spam sets itself apart by utilizing advanced machine learning models, which continuously learn and adapt to new spam patterns, enhancing its ability to effectively filter out unwanted content. With its combination of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, OOPS Spam is a top choice for those seeking powerful and intelligent spam protection.


Displays a spam score 

Use machine learning

Provides content analyses

Uses spam word detection

Offers language restrictions

Allows country restrictions


Effective filtering systems

Customizable settings

Regular updates


Limited functionality

Resource intensive

Price: One time fee of $49 

Verdict: OOPSpam distinguishes itself by providing language and country restrictions, allowing users to effectively target and filter out spam based on specific regions and languages.

8. WP Armour-Honeypot Anti Spam

WP Armour is an affordable and user-friendly WordPress anti spam plugin that provides excellent protection for websites. With its straightforward setup process, even beginners can easily implement this powerful solution. A standout feature of WP Armour is its inclusion of honeypot fields, which effectively trick spam bots into revealing themselves. Additionally, the plugin automatically blocks spam IPs, further enhancing its spam prevention capabilities. WP Armour combines affordability, simplicity, and advanced techniques to ensure that your website remains spam-free, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of website management and engagement with genuine visitors.


Compatible with most forms

Doesn’t require API calls

Offers honeypot fields

Records spam attacks

Blocks spam IPs


Very affordable

Easy set up

Integrates with a lot of plugins


No free support team

Price: There is a free version. The plugin offers a one time license, for additional support,  for $19.99 or more depending on the number of sites you have.

Verdict: WP Armour shines as an excellent choice for form protection, prioritizing the implementation of honeypot fields to effectively deter and block spam submissions.

9. Titan Anti-Spam and Security

Titan AntiSpam is a robust WordPress anti spam plugin that goes beyond its primary purpose. It not only shields your WordPress site from spam but also takes proactive measures to enhance your overall security. By identifying vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them, Titan AntiSpam acts as a powerful security tool. Additionally, it offers added features like backups and malware scanning, providing a comprehensive security and spam protection solution. With a great free version and a self-learning AI, Titan AntiSpam is a valuable asset in safeguarding your website and ensuring peace of mind.


Offers a malware scanner

Installs a Web Application Firewall

Uses signatures to identify spam

Provides alerts and reports

Offers backups for WordPress

Conducts security audits


High accuracy rate

Easy to use

Silent spam removal


Email spam protection may not always work

Price: Free version and has plans for $55 – $319 a year

Verdict: Titan excels in efficiency but lacks reCAPTCHA, whitelisting, and retrospective cleaning. Nonetheless, its available features are executed impressively.

10. WP-Spam Shield

WP Spam Shield is a highly effective WordPress plugin that offers robust protection against spam comments and malicious activities on websites. It excels in handling pingbacks and trackbacks, efficiently filtering out any unwanted or suspicious links. One of its notable advantages is its affordability, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Moreover, WP Spam Shield allows for extensive customization, enabling website owners to tailor the plugin to their specific needs. However, there have been reported issues with the plugin’s moderation by WordPress Plugin moderators, which may impact the overall user experience. Nonetheless, WP Spam Shield remains a reliable choice for those seeking an affordable and customizable solution to combat spam on their WordPress sites.


Provides Invisible spam protection

Uses two layers of spam protection

Offers trackback/pingback validation

Integrates with popular form builders

Shows a tracker of spam blocked

Compatible with multiple languages

Offers detailed analytics on demand


Improves performance

Cost effective

Cuatomizable spam protection


Not available on WP repo

Difficult configuration

Price:  Free

Verdict: WP Spam Shield provides robust defense against trackback and pingback spam with its two layers of protection, ensuring a spam-free WordPress experience.

11. Akismet

Akismet is a renowned and trusted WordPress spam protection plugin that seamlessly integrates with popular plugins. Developed by Automattic, it focuses specifically on combating spam in comments and forms. By utilizing advanced AI technology, Akismet analyzes user-submitted text, effectively detecting spam. It then puts it in a spam folder automatically, saving you valuable time and effort. With its proven track record and wide adoption, Akismet stands as a reliable solution for keeping your WordPress site free from spam.


Conducts automatic checks

Provides comments status history

Unveils URLs in comments

Helps discard spam easily



Out of the box use

Free version


Expensive pricing

Only for forms and comments

Price: Free version and plans that start from $663 to $3316 per month

Akismet, a trusted choice for many, offers effective spam protection. However, it falls short in terms of features and customization options.

Recommended read: Akismet Alternatives

Verdict: Akismet, a trusted choice for many, offers effective spam protection. However, it falls short in terms of features and customization options.

Key decision factors in choosing best WordPress anti spam plugin

When it comes to choosing a WordPress anti spam plugin, there are several must-have features that you need to look out for. A lot depends on what kind of spam you’re looking to fight. If you don’t have a blog with a comments section, for example, you won’t need either Akismet or Antispam Bee. If you’re looking for a plugin to help you clear existing spam on your site, you need a plugin like CleanTalk.

Despite that, here are some features you might need:

Review comments and forms for spam: Implement an anti-spam plugin that reviews and moderates comments and form submissions. This may vary depending on what your website needs.

Automatically remove spam: The plugin must utilize tools and filters that can automatically detect and remove spam comments, messages, or submissions without requiring manual intervention.

Install a firewall to block future spam: The anti-spam plugin will ideally set up a robust firewall that can analyze incoming traffic and block suspicious or spammy requests, preventing them from reaching your website. However, even if your anti-spam plugin doesn’t have a firewall, you can use a security plugin like MalCare to install more reliable one that blocks bots and malware easily. 

Require client action: reCAPTCHA, for example, becomes an additional step in the customer’s process. It’s inconvenient. This is why invisible protection is an alternate method. But, you may decide that reCAPTCHA provides an added layer of security that you’re looking for. This is equally acceptable. So, decide what you want your user experience to be. Recommended read: Akismet vs reCAPTCHA

Retrospective spam cleaning: Unless you’re a brand new site, you want a plugin that scans existing content as well. Deleting any comments or forms you may have missed or giving you a fresh start is always a boon. 

Do you need an anti-spam plugin for your WordPress site? 

While it is not an absolute requirement, having a WordPress anti spam plugin for your site can greatly enhance your website’s security and user experience. Here are a few reasons why using an anti-spam plugin is beneficial:

Spam Protection: An anti-spam plugin provides dedicated features and filters to effectively detect and block spam comments, contact form submissions, and other malicious activities. It helps keep your website’s content clean and free from unwanted or harmful content.

Time and Effort Saving: With an anti-spam plugin in place, you can automate the process of filtering out spam, reducing the time and effort required for manual moderation. This allows you to focus on more important tasks related to managing and growing your website.

Improved User Experience: Spam comments and messages can create a negative user experience for your visitors. By using an anti-spam plugin, you can minimize the presence of spam, ensuring that genuine user comments and messages receive the attention they deserve.

Additional Security Layers: Some anti-spam plugins offer additional security features such as firewall protection, CAPTCHA integration, and IP blocking, which can help safeguard your website against spam and potential threats.

What are some other ways to prevent spam? 

There are various other effective methods to prevent spam on your website. Here are some additional strategies:

reCAPTCHA: Implementing reCAPTCHA or similar CAPTCHA systems can help distinguish between genuine human users and automated bots. It adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to complete a challenge to prove their authenticity.  So, it’s still a useful tool if your customers don’t mind the inconvenience. 

Security Plugin: Utilize a security plugin like MalCare that is specifically designed to protect your website from spam, malware, and other threats. It will offer features such as malware cleaner, malware scanner and firewall protection, giving you a robust security system.

Geoblocking: Consider implementing geoblocking measures to restrict access to your website from specific regions or countries known for generating high volumes of spam. This can help minimize spam traffic and potential threats.

Double Opt-in Forms: Implement double opt-in forms for newsletter subscriptions or user registrations. This process requires users to confirm their intent by clicking on a verification link sent to their provided email address, ensuring that only legitimate users are added to your email list or granted access to your site.

Instead of relying solely on one method, it’s often beneficial to combine multiple anti-spam strategies. Utilize a combination of techniques like CAPTCHA, security plugins, geoblocking, and double opt-in forms to create a comprehensive and layered approach to spam prevention

Final thoughts 

When it comes to combating spam on your website, leveraging the power of multiple tools and plugins can yield the best results. While CleanTalk stands out as a top-notch WordPress anti spam plugin, your security systems can be further enhanced by pairing it with a robust security plugin like MalCare. MalCare offers a comprehensive suite of features, including a top-notch scanner, one-click malware remover, and a reliable firewall.This synergistic approach ensures a robust defense against spam and enhances the overall security of your website.


1. What is an anti-spam in WordPress?

An anti-spam in WordPress is a plugin or tool, like CleanTalk, that is designed to combat and prevent spam activities on your WordPress site. It helps filter out unwanted and malicious content, such as spam comments, form submissions, and registration attempts, ensuring a cleaner and more secure website environment.

2. How do I stop spam in WordPress?

To stop spam in WordPress, you can use anti-spam plugins like CleanTalk, that provide features like spam filtering, captcha verification, IP blocking, and content analysis. These plugins help automatically detect and block spam, reducing the manual effort required to moderate and remove spam content.

3. Does WordPress have a spam blocker?

While WordPress itself doesn’t have a built-in spam blocker, there are numerous anti-spam plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem that effectively block spam. These plugins provide advanced spam detection and prevention mechanisms to enhance the security of your WordPress site.

4. What is the best spam blocker for WordPress?

There are several effective spam blockers for WordPress, including popular options like Akismet, CleanTalk, Titan AntiSpam, and Stop Spammers. The best choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences, such as the level of customization, additional security features, and budget considerations.

5. What is the best free anti-spam plugin?

Among the free anti-spam plugins available for WordPress, Akismet is highly regarded for its efficiency in filtering spam comments. Other notable options include Anti-Spam Bee, WP-SpamShield, and Spam Master, which offer reliable anti-spam protection without requiring a financial investment.

6. How do you prevent spam in a comment section?

To prevent spam in a comment section, you can utilize techniques such as using an anti-spam plugin, enabling comment moderation, implementing captcha or reCAPTCHA challenges, and adding filters to block certain keywords or URLs commonly associated with spam. These measures collectively help reduce the influx of spam comments on your website.

7. What’s the best anti-spam tactic?

The best anti-spam tactic is to employ a combination of multiple strategies. This includes using a reputable anti-spam plugin, enabling comment moderation, implementing captcha or reCAPTCHA, regularly updating WordPress and plugins, and educating users on proper behavior to prevent spam submissions.

8. What’s the best anti-spam plugin right now?

The best anti-spam plugin may vary depending on individual needs and preferences. However, oue favourite is CleanTalk. It allows you to clean existing spam, automate spam blocking or removal and is affordable. 

9. What are the free plugins for comment spam protection?

There are several free plugins available for comment spam protection in WordPress. Some widely used options include Akismet, Anti-Spam Bee, and WP Spam Shield

10. Is Akismet worth it?

Akismet is widely considered to be worth it due to its effectiveness in filtering spam comments on WordPress websites. However we’ve found that is has very limited features and the alternatives like CleanTalk will give you a bigger bang for your buck. 

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